Notable Alumni

   Jeff Cohen, OF
  After graduating from USD, Jeff went through a series of 9 surgeries to repair his torn hamstring, cracked rib, bruised shoulder, and height deficit. Following rehab, he was immediately signed overseas, and now plays in Japan for the Yomiuri Giants.

       Danny Leon, 3B
        Batting over .500 in his final season in San Diego, it was an easy choice for overly aggressive Leon to return home to Cuba and continue his baseball career for the Las Tunas Woodcutters, where he will be sure to throw many more elbows in the future.

  Patrick Morgan, 1B, 1B Coach
   It only took 6 years for Morgan to make his way through his collegiate career, playing every position from pitcher to moral conditioner, on and off the field. With his dreams near in sight, he will shortly be taking his talents to the San Diego Slow Pitch Softball league, where he will surely lead his SDFD team to another regional quarter-final.

   Rolando Desantiago, UT
     It was hard to see him go off to any other club, but Desantiago finally decided to move up the ranks, signing a three-year deal with the FIBC (Flamas International Baseball Club), where their motto is, "Sometimes, soccer is more important than baseball".

  Reid Wagner, OF, Former President, GM
   We'd love to brag about how our former president went on to play minor league ball, but honestly, he never really liked baseball anyways. Reid now works for some kind of business (apparently) in his hometown of Seattle, WA. He enjoys long walks in deserted riverbeds, climbing various objects, and sheep.

   Sean Vogel, 2B, SS
   Yeah no one knows where he is...